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Map of the Day: The states that granted women’s suffrage before it was cool

TweetThe Washington Post points us to this old map that was distributed at a congressional hearing on women’s suffrage on March 3, 1914. The states in red are the ones that had already given women (which often meant white women) the right to vote. Those mostly western states gave the burgeoning suffrage movement an edge up. Since women were [...]
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Vintage Sexism: Anti-suffrage pamphlet warns of “petticoat rule”

Tweet Click here for larger version. Oh, this is just so perfect. The vague warning against some undefined “evil which may occur” paired with the rather contradictory argument that women’s suffrage wouldn’t actually change anything because “votes of women can accomplish no more than votes of men” (LOL, what?), so why do you you even [...]
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Today in Feminist History: Women Get the Vote

TweetThat’s right! 90 years ago today, the 19th Amendment was ratified, prohibiting the states and federal government to denying citizens the right to vote based on their sex. Cue cheesy 70s cartoon montage! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW5kiJcDMbo Transcript here. Tweet
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