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Our Days of Rage: What #CancelColbert reveals about women/of color and controversial speech

TweetContent Warning: This article uses screenshots of extremely bigoted tweets to illustrate what it describes; thanks goes out to Twitter user @jennybaquing for screen-capping them, and John Weeks for Storifying them. By now, online conflagrations seem to burn with an all too familiar cadence. The rhythms of cyber-fire rise and fall in predictable waves of [...]
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Weekly Feminist Reader

Tweet “Marriage was a marker of historically anti-gay and anti-feminist normalcy“. Ann Friedman on believing Dylan Farrow, and why who you believe depends on which story you recognize. On the role of bystander intervention in preventing sexual assaults. Why the absence of biracial representation in the media matters. 10 Years after Dove’s “Campaign for Real [...]
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Weekly Feminist Reader

Tweet Can we address the systems that allow racism to thrive? Painting Wendy Davis as a bad mother in the midst of her campaign for Texas Governor is bullshit and sexist. “What they’re really about has nothing to do with abortion or the health of anyone; it has to do with controlling women.” Catherine Samba-Panza is [...]
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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

TweetCompiled by Juliana and Alexandra Argentina has some of the most trans friendly legislation in the world. But how does that play out in real life? Letters from a YSI jail. Descendants of runaway slaves in Brazil are still fighting for the right to live peacefully on their land. Suey Park on Citizen Radio! How [...]
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The Feministing Five: Suey Park

TweetExemplifying the power and positive potential behind social media, last week’s #NotYourAsianSidekick Twitter conversation offered a fantastic opportunity for the Internet to discuss stereotypes and political challenges facing Asian-American-Pacific-Islanders (or AAPI). Originated by Suey Park, a freelance writer and organizer, #NotYourAsianSidekick quickly trended on Twitter and its energy immediately flowed over to the rest of [...]
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