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More gender equality = more sex

TweetA new study shows that people have more sex in countries with higher gender equality, according to USA Today. In addition: [C]ountries ranked higher in gender equality also generally had more casual sex, more sex partners per capita, younger ages for first sex and greater tolerance/approval of premarital sex. Rankings were by the World Economic [...]
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Study: everyone wants to have more sex

TweetEveryone in America over the age of 18 wants to be having more sex than they are currently having, according to a new survey out this week. OK, not everyone. Actually, that was a totally misleading headline, because a surprising number of Americans are satisfied with the amount of sex they’re having. The Trojan US [...]
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Danish dads of daughters close the wage gap

TweetAccording to a new study, male CEOs are more likely to work to close the gender pay gap when they have daughters. The study, which is based on data from Danish companies collected between 1995 and 2006, found that the birth of a daughter to a male CEO is correlated with a slight closing of [...]
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Awkward New Study Has Even More Awkward New Finding

Tweet Telegraph UK is reporting that women in this generation have three times more sexual partners on average than their grandmothers did. From the article: “Almost one in 10 of those asked said that they had had slept with more than 10 lovers by the age of 24. The average was 5.65 people. By contrast, [...]
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