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Fox News Producers Stalk and Harass Amanda Terkel.

TweetIn light of Bill O’Reilly’s upcoming speaking gig with the Alexa Foundation, an organization that supports the rights of victims of sexual violence, Amanda Terkel at Think Progress exposed O’Reilly’s victim-blaming past. In the past O’Relly asserted that the rape and murder of a woman was partially her own fault based on what she was [...]
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Marketing to stalkers

TweetApparently LG is trying to appeal to dudes who like to use their cellphone as a stalking device. (How convenient! A phone for men who don’t want to bother with Maxim’s DIY stalker tips.) Engaget calls this ad “creepy” and “early-90s softcore voodoo porn.” I say it’s stalkerrific: Ugh. Hey, buddy! That’s your mom calling [...]
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