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Is Tagging Violent Offenders the Way to Go?

TweetLike several of my co-bloggers, I am of the anti-violence, de-escalation, anti-incarceration and anti-police industry camp. I think generally increased penalties on criminal behavior supports and reinforces more criminal behavior. I believe that a just criminal justice system is one that is fair, protects the interests of the people and is built through community organizing. [...]
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The end of anonymous trolling?

Tweet So long, farewell? Yes, my headline is wishful thinking. But this is definitely a step in the right direction. (Ignore the article’s headline if you can, ugh.) A Manhattan judge ruled yesterday that a blogger can’t hide behind a web of anonymity while flinging the ugly words “skank” and “ho” at somebody online. The [...]
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Speaking of Nice Guys™

TweetCheck this out from PassiveAgressiveNotes.com: k, so court in michigan met this guy out at a bar. he seemed harmless enough, but court knew right he wasn’t her type. still, she didn’t have the heart to give him a flat-out “no” when he asked for her number. (she couldn’t give him a fake one, either, [...]
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Women’s rights advocate killed by a stalker

TweetI’ve been following the horrible news about Johanna Justin-Jinich, a woman at Wesleyan University who was recently shot by a man who was stalking her. The man who allegedly killed her, Stephen Morgan, had been stalking her for quite some time. (It seems he had some anti-semitic motivations as well.) This story is harrowing: As [...]
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Black Woman Murdered by Stalker Who Had Been Using Youtube and Facebook To Threaten Her.

Tweet *Trigger Warning* A young woman in Detroit, Asia McGowan, was shot and killed by someone who had been leaving her nasty comments on her Youtube account and also had been stalking her on Facebook. This was someone she knew in real life-it was one of her classmates. This story is really upsetting me, but [...]
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