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Cain reassesses campaign (thankfully)

TweetI was getting pretty tired of headline after headline that tried to apologize for Herman Cain’s inappropriate behavior towards women. But when the allegations came out yesterday that he had a (consensual–with this guy you have to be specific) 13-year affair with a woman yesterday, I kept wondering–HOW will he get around this one? After [...]
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Anita Hill on sexual harassment, Ginny Thomas, Slutwalks, and more

TweetLast week, I interviewed Anita Hill for our Feministing Five series to commemorate the 20th anniversary of her famous testimony before the U.S. Senate. The interview was filled with so much goodness that I had to write a follow-up post with more of her insights, which you’ll find below. And don’t forget, if you’re in [...]
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Making the links between street harrassment, bullying, and toxic masculinity

TweetThis is a guest post from the amazing Dena Simmons, who has written for Feministing previously. You can read her full bio after the jump. I set out to write a piece about the psychological effects of cat-calling on women.  I collected data from more than 45 people, who shared with me story after story [...]
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How not to prevent sexual harrassment

Tweet This graphic was taken from an Egyptian website for a campaign to stop sexual and street harrassment. The campaign itself I’m all for (despite some rather interesting wording, which may be a translation issue) but this graphic does a terrible job of representing the campaign. First of all, the woman (who is represented by [...]
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