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Only men can handle burgers, according to laziest Hardee’s ad yet

TweetHardee’s/Carl’s Jr.’s advertising approach has always been unapologetically sexist, but I guess these days they’re abandoning all subtlety. Yep, X-Men shape-shifter Mystique must literally morph into a Real Man™ before she can eat this burger.  Tweet
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The most pointlessly gendered products

TweetSociological Images has pulled together a collection of the most pointlessly gendered products their readers have come across recently. Of course, most gendered advertising, especially when geared towards kids, is not just pointless but harmful — reinforcing gender stereotypes and limiting imaginations. But when it comes to products like “mansize” Kleenex, it’s really getting absurd. This [...]
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Rosie the Riveter apparently liked cleaning with a Swiffer so much she quit her job

Tweet Because nothing says, “I can’t wait to rush home from my full-time job to start my second shift of devalued, unpaid household labor with my  Swiffer Bissel Steam Boost!” like Rosie the Riveter. “We Can Do It!”…because someone has to, and it’s not like our husbands are really stepping up. After, um, swift internet outcry [...]
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