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Why using lube can help you become a better feminist

TweetMy feminism is definitely an intersectional one. I discuss feminist issues as a way to educate, (un)learn, and dissect current cultural understandings of gender. Included in this is an acceptance of sex and sexuality as an endless realm of transformative possibility and opportunity for pleasure. I’ve always said: it’s not feminist if it doesn’t get [...]
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Chart of the Day: When does a woman owe you sex?

TweetApparently, there’s an emerging trend of dudes tracking when their partners refuse sex and whining about the “excuses” they use. Hoping to nip this one in the bud, Elizabeth Plank and Raquel Reichard put together a helpful chart to help you determine when a woman owes you sex: Tweet
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Ladies, you should probably masturbate more

TweetWomen. It’s time for your semi-regularly scheduled reminder that masturbating is fun and healthy and will not, in fact, cause hairy palms or whatever the hell the anti-sex brigade is claiming these days. Because if these numbers don’t lie, you could probably stand to be getting yourself off waaaaay more often… Tweet
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Roundup: Monica Lewinsky and feminism

TweetAs someone who was only twelve in 1998, it’s been fascinating to read the reflections and retrospective analysis sparked by Monica Lewinsky’s re-emergence into the public sphere. In her new Vanity Fair article, Lewinsky reserves special blame for feminists who failed to show up for her. Here’s a roundup of pieces by feminists — some of [...]
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Film: How to Lose Your Virginity

Tweet I have a little sister and, like any good feminist, I spend a lot of time making sure that she knows that her worth extends beyond her beauty, her body, and her sexuality. As she is still a teenager, a big topic in her life and that of her peers lately has been virginity. Personally, [...]
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