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Feministing Jamz: Junglepussy’s Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tweet If you’re not hip to Junglepussy yet, the time to get up to speed is right now. Unapologetically sexual, proudly black and West Indian, and with unmatched swag, Junglepussy has been releasing tracks here and there and making cameos in the videos of Feministing Jamz faves Dai Burger and Le1f. Now, she’s finally here with [...]
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Shattering the sexual skyhook: A review of Numenera’s Love and Sex in the Ninth World

TweetFor a genre made up of nothing but imagination, many roleplaying games (RPGs) have shown a startling lack of it when it comes to reimagining social relations. Instead of giving players something wild and new to sink their teeth into, the escapism has always had a rather reductive and puerile bend to it at its [...]
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Weekly Feminist Reader

Tweet And while we’re on the topic of inspired dance moves… 4th trimester bodies. I am not sex positive. The pilgrimage to the Toronto Film Festival. Qahera, a new Muslim Superhero. This video from the Fat Experience Project might break your heart. Hell yeah, Canada! What about gay grandparents? bell hooks was right. Dear Western Saviorists. Trans [...]
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CLPP 2011: Sex Positive Feminism 101

TweetFeminist movers and shakers focused on contraception, HIV/AIDS/STI prevention and sexual violence can benefit from pro-active strategies for incorporating the wide range of human desire and the positive benefits of sexuality into their work. How do the lessons of the sex-positive movement apply today? This workshop will introduce participants to the vibrant history of sex-positive [...]
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Ross Douthat sells sex and young people way too short

Tweet In his column yesterday, Ross Douthat tried to convince us that he cares about young peoples’ (especially young women’s) “romantic happiness” and is not, in fact, just interested in promoting one conservative sexual ideal. Ha! He acknowledges that people have always been having premarital sex and a strict adherence to abstinence until marriage is [...]
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