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Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: Let’s talk about sex

Tweet I’m loving the #CostofShame story-telling project based around the new film Subjectified (trailer above). The documentary, created by Melissa Tapper Goldman, features in-depth, candid interviews with nine young women about their sex lives.  Tweet
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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Tweet On Twitter right now thanks to Crunk Feminists: #MyFeminismIs. Why are so many violent criminals walking free while our law enforcement runs the War on Drugs? Through his photography, Martin Schoeller celebrates the beauty of multiracial diversity and shows the limitations around our current categories when talking about race. “For people who face more [...]
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The conservative backlash to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl show: Objectification and slut-shaming go hand-in-hand

Tweethttp://youtu.be/1rbnikVO1rs The predictable conservative hand-wringing about Beyoncé’s Super Bowl show is exactly why the recent “feminist” slut-shaming of Beyoncé bothered me so very much. In general, if you find yourself agreeing with the right-wing modesty police concerned about “the children” (and, weirdly, also “old people”?), it’s usually a red flag. It’s interesting–and telling–that every conservative critic [...]
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What Katie Roiphe gets wrong about “Fifty Shades of Grey” and fantasies of sexual submission

TweetI couldn’t help it, you guys! I just had to respond to Katie “My Sex Life is More Exciting Than Everyone Else’s” Roiphe’s latest in Newsweek on Fifty Shades of Grey and how professional women these days want to be dominated in the bedroom. I’ve been meaning to write about Fifty Shades of Grey anyway, [...]
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This is what good sex education looks like

TweetMr. Vernacchio’s “Sexuality and Society” class is definitely this sex-positive feminist’s wet dream. The class, taught as an elective at a private Quaker high school in Philadelphia, represents everything that sex education should be–and everything that, sadly, it is decidedly not these days. At a time when the conservative push for abstinence-only-until-marriage has left most [...]
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