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Quick hit: How sequestration screws over breast cancer researchers

TweetAt TPM Cafe today, there’s a great piece about how sequestration cuts are making it harder for scientists to do research on lifesaving medical treatments: The sequester was supposed to be so draconian that it would drive politicians to accept some alternative budget compromise. Unfortunately compromise seems to be a dirty word in Washington, and [...]
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Poverty in America: What we hope, what we believe, and what is actually true

Tweet This video, created by YouTube user “Politizane,” aptly demonstrates not only the astonishing wealth inequality in the United States, but the great yawning divide between what Americans believe is the distribution of wealth in this country and what actually exists. Note: the idealized version of the wealth curve is the same across partisan lines. [...]
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Friday Roundup: How the sequester cuts will affect women, access to reproductive health

TweetThere’s not much to say about the sequester that hasn’t already been said (except, maybe, “Don’t ask me, I’m no sequexpert.” Ok, now that’s taken care of.) But hey, I’m just a blogger on a Friday afternoon trying to meet you where you’re at. And where you’re at is in sequester hell, whether you know [...]
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