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Infographic: global warming deniers are full of s***

TweetWhenever I’m arguing with global warming skeptics, I disclaim that  I don’t claim to be an expert in any of the sciences that could prove or disprove global warming. I do, however, have enough common sense to realize that, quite frequently,  global warming deniers are or represent people or interests with potential ulterior motives (money), [...]
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New study shows women can do math, and well

TweetWhen I say “affirmative action” what comes to mind? While the readers of this post may think of this answer (because you are largely a self-selecting group), I doubt that many folks think of the definition as successful policy proposals that directly impact marginalized communities. The notion of affirmative action is so maligned in our [...]
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Reebok backs that ass [claim] up

Tweet Imagine you are a Reebok ad executive facing flat sales and an even flatter image problem. Do you: a) design an ad campaign based on the product you were given and its proven benefits b) quit your job because it’s too hard c) spend the whole day watching episodes of Mad Men on Netflix [...]
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Are we closer to a pill for men?

TweetWord on the street, okay in the New York Times, is that we are getting closer and closer to getting long-awaited male contraception: Prompted by women’s organizations, global health groups and surveys indicating that men are receptive, federal agencies are financing research. Some methods will be presented at an October conference sponsored by the Bill [...]
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‘Ambiguous sex or ambivalent society?’

TweetAlice Domurat Dreger is a Professor of Clinical Medical Humanities and Bioethics at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, but more than that, she is an advocate operating at the cutting edge of sex and gender. In fact, she’s sort of the smart person in the position of telling other smart people just how little [...]
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