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In the Name of Our Humanity: The Failure of Tolerance for LGBTQ People

TweetThere’s been an instructive imbroglio flaring between a few men in the middle echelons of the American commentariat. The New York Times’ Ross Douthat wrote about the “terms of surrender” that he and other opponents of LGBT  marriage equality were currently negotiating against what he sees as gay rights’ relentless march, Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern [...]
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Thought leader Rick Santorum converts me on gay marriage

TweetLeading social theorist, eloquent and diplomatic visionary, logician extraordinaire, king of the brown stuff, and official candidate for the GOP presidential nomination Rick Santorum has put forward such a convincing argument against same sex marriage that he has compelled me to change my previous position. See, I used to think that gay marriage was a [...]
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New York may pass marriage equality this week

TweetThis may actually happen finally. Politico reports: In a development with national implications, New York is looking more and more like it will become the next state to legalize gay marriage as a bill gains momentum in the legislature ahead of a landmark vote that could come by midweek. “I believe that votes will be [...]
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What constitutes a “suspect class?”

TweetA piece that ran this weekend at the New York Times did a great job of analyzing the Defense Of Marriage Act and the issues at play when considering legal discrimination against gay people and how the Obama administration may be forced to take a more visible stance on equal marriage. I am currently taking [...]
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