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Shorter Priebus: “If Obama wasn’t so black, the GOP wouldn’t have to be so racist.”

TweetOK, maybe not exactly what Reince Priebus, RNC chairman, said over the weekend on CNN–but he did essentially blame the Obama administration for calling out a Super PAC plan proposing race-baiting. According to Priebus, the Obama team wants to focus on this instead of the real questions about his leadership at hand. Well, if that is the [...]
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Breaking: Rick Santorum suspends presidential campaign

TweetDing dong, the dick is done: Facing mounting pressure and the prospect of an embarrassing loss in his home state of Pennsylvania next week, Rick Santorum suspended his campaign for the presidency today. “We made a decision over the weekend that this presidential race is over for me,” he said at a press conference in [...]
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What We Missed

Tweet Samhita and I went to a panel on Friday for Planned Parenthood’s new 2012 elections campaign (which I’m doing some work with them on) where amazing pro-choice celebs Julianne Moore, Gabrielle Union, America Ferrera and Maggie Gyllenhaal told us why they support Planned Parenthood. And naturally, they were all very swoon-worthy. In case you [...]
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GOP field targets Romney on abortion record

TweetMitt Romney is the latest target of one of the GOP campaign playbook’s most effective tactics: the flip-flopper branding. Yesterday Personhood USA organized a forum for the GOP presidential field, and four of the Republican presidential candidates attacked frontrunner Mitt Romney, who wasn’t there, on his record on abortion rights. Mitt Romney’s shift from a mild [...]
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Romney is not sure we have a right to contraception, doesn’t understand the big deal anyway

TweetGiven that Romney is supposedly the moderate, reasonable Republican alternative to the extremism of Santorum, you’d think he’d want to draw the contrast a bit more clearly than he does in this clip from the New Hampshire debate. When asked if he, like Santorum, believes states have the right to ban contraception, Romney acted like [...]
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