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New Romney ad geared toward women is a joke

TweetIt just gets better. This election season has been like a bloopers reel for a real election, as Romney’s “strategy” unfolds before us. Let’s put aside that in the last two days alone he said half the country is a bunch of ungrateful serfs and said that there is “no hope for Palestine,” his continued attempt [...]
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Reactions to Mitt Romney’s 47 percent write-off, in GIFS

TweetIn response to this leaked video you’ve all seen by now of Mitt Romney telling wealthy donors that 47 percent of the country won’t take responsibility for their own lives. (And inspired by Ann.) WHEN I WATCHED THE ROMNEY CAMPAIGN IMPLODE  WHEN MITT ROMNEY HEARD ABOUT THE VIDEO BEING LEAKED WHEN ROMNEY’S CAMPAIGN STAFF WATCHED HIM [...]
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Did Akin “legitimate rape” doctor meet with Romney?

TweetThis is certainly interesting.  It appears that Dr. John Wilke and Mitt Romney have a history.  Even though the Romney camp is claiming a Romney administration would not ban abortion in all cases with no exceptions, Romney might have some explaining to do in terms of just how connected he is to the “doctor” that [...]
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Five reasons Mitt Romney is totally not a #bawse

Tweet According to the National Review–100% of women should vote for Mitt Romney because he is a “boss” and not for Obama, because he had daughters (and that like makes him gay and stuff). But in our new diverse, innovative and creative economy, traditional ideas of being a “boss” are changing. For one thing, women [...]
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Shorter Romney advisors: Colonizer recognize colonizer

TweetMitt Romney’s foreign policy advisors told the press that part of what makes Mittens a better choice than Obama is that he has a stronger relationship and understanding of the shared history between the US and the UK. Why? Because he is anglo-saxon. Via the Daily Telegraph, In remarks that may prompt accusations of racial [...]
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