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Breitbart News ad features sexist image of Nancy Pelosi as Miley Cyrus

TweetThis has got to be a new low, even for the conservative media. Breitbart News launched its California political coverage today with an ad campaign featuring some street art-style images, including this one of Nancy Pelosi in a Miley Cyrus-esque pose, as well as a confusing one about about Silicon Valley Girls starring Mark Zuckerburg with topless breasts (seriously, [...]
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“Save The Storks” and other guerrilla anti-choice tactics

Tweet (If you see this bus driving around–please run and call a friend. It’s full of people that want to force their scary beliefs on to you) On the spot ultrasounds seem to be taking the anti-choice country by storm. First, in Texas, where there is a rogue van called “Save the Storks” that is driving [...]
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Blunt Amendment tabled

TweetThank goodness that is over. The Blunt Amendment has been tabled by the Senate–the bill that Maya wrote about yesterday would allow your boss to decide what specific pieces of coverage and you and can’t have based on personal belief systems. This would not just be a threat to access to contraception (the most obvious benefit [...]
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Rick Santorum strikes again, describes patriarchy in a nutshell

TweetI’ve generally tried to steer clear of Rick Santorum’s brilliant thoughts since he converted me on gay marriage this summer, for fear that exposure to any more nuggets of Santorum genius would sink into my brain and revolutionize my worldview yet again. But his latest wisdom is too revealing–and disturbing– to pass over. Rich Wing [...]
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Roundup: The Giffords shooting and violent political rhetoric

TweetAlthough much is still unknown about the motives of the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, Saturday’s tragic shooting almost immediately sparked debate about the role of violent rhetoric in American politics. Many conservatives have been quick to dismiss suggestions that the hostile, inflammatory rhetoric of the right played any role in the shooting. (Jack Shafer will [...]
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