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The Feministing Rom Com Review: Life As We Know It

TweetI was predisposed to dislike Life As We Know It. Firstly, Christina Hendricks’ character is killed off in the first twenty minutes, a near-unforgiveable sin in my book. Secondly, Life As We Know It stars Katherine Heigl. Heigl has made a name for herself, in movies at least, by playing the same character over and [...]
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The Feministing Rom Com Review: Going the Distance

TweetThis movie is genuinely romantic. It is genuinely comedic. It is not horrendously sexist. Writers, directors, producers, aspiring best boys and key grips, take note: Going the Distance is a rare example of rom com done right. For one thing, I laughed. I laughed really hard, which doesn’t often happen when I’m watching a romantic [...]
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The Feministing Rom Com Review: Killers

TweetSometimes, people surprise you. In the case of Katherine Heigl’s character in Killers, people surprise you by revealing that they are are CIA-trained spies and killers. In the case of this reviewer, they surprise you by making a not-horrendous movie despite being named Katherine Heigl. Perhaps it’s because after Knocked Up, 27 Dresses and The [...]
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The Feministing Rom Com Review: Just Wright

Tweet Leslie Wright is unlucky in love. At 35, she has a successful career, a loving family and everything else a woman could need. Except, of course, a husband. It’s not for lack of trying (this is a rom com, after all; in rom com land – and in the real world, apparently – there’s [...]
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“Queer Sex Doesn’t Count” And Nine Other Myths Uncovered- And Debunked- at the Harvard “Rethinking Virginity” Conference

Tweet Yesterday, Chloe and I had the privilege and honor of speaking at the Rethinking Virginity Conference at Harvard University. The conference was organized by Lena Chen, blogger extraordinaire and recent Feministing Five interviewee, and brought together an incredibly diverse and impressive group of feminists, who dropped some serious knowledge on all things virgin-themed. One [...]
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