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Men’s egos so fragile, the wrong friendships will lead to erectile dysfunction

TweetI know I have done something right in my life because I get to write headlines like the one above. I know there is something wrong with the world, because that headline is based on an actual study that suggests that when women are too buddy buddy with their beau’s bros, he can’t get it [...]
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A very gay Sunday, indeed

TweetYesterday was the first official day for gay marriage in New York. Don’t these pictures just say it all? Tweet
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Is monogamy bad for marriage?

TweetThe cover story of last week’s New York Times Magazine was a feature written by Mark Oppenheimer about marriage and infidelity. The focus of much of the article is Dan Savage, the well-known sex advice columnist and author of Savage Love. I’ve written about him before, and have continued to listen to his weekly podcast. [...]
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Feminism, once again, blamed for, well, everything

Tweet [Ed note: Lori and Courtney don't like to take on pop-psychology by themselves. It gives them the heeby jeebies, and runs a high risk of inducing anger and/or exasperation. So they decided to team up to debunk this faulty logic. The result is the below post. Enjoy.] Courtney: While blatantly hocking his new book, [...]
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Getting married in New York just got easier for transgender sweeties

TweetThis just in from the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund: The City of New York’s Marriage Bureau has taken steps to ensure that transgender people have equal access to marriage licenses. New transgender sensitivity trainings have been implemented and a written policy has been distributed to all staff in the wake of an incident [...]
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