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Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: queer family models

Tweet In this video, Shawnta Smith and Jas Cruz, who are are ex-wives or best friends depending on which one of them is doing the telling, talk about the home they’ve built together and what it means to them and their community. It’s wonderful. They have separate beds but their bookcase is merged. I mean, [...]
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Occupy Valentine’s Day

Tweet You probably didn’t notice, because like me, you probably don’t care that much, but Valentine’s Day is around the corner. My position on Valentine’s Day has always been pretty mixed–it bothers my cool sensibilities because I think it is corny, but i’m also a little corny and I like celebrating and expressing love and [...]
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Breaking: Single women are not tragic, lonely, were-witches

TweetOK, I haven’t really heard any one call single ladies were-witches, but if you believe we are tragic, scary, cat hoarders–then I have to wonder what else you think is true. The life and times of single ladies is the subject of constant speculation. You would think there is an actual news story there seeing [...]
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Psychologists debunk 6 common gender-essentialist myths about sexuality

TweetBREAKING: Science confirms what feminists have been saying forever. All those myths about innate gender differences when it comes to sex? Not actually true. In a new review of research, University of Michigan psychologist Terri Conley and colleagues debunked six common gender-essentialist myths. 1) Men want “attractiveness,” while women want “status” Sure, maybe on paper [...]
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Men’s egos so fragile, the wrong friendships will lead to erectile dysfunction

TweetI know I have done something right in my life because I get to write headlines like the one above. I know there is something wrong with the world, because that headline is based on an actual study that suggests that when women are too buddy buddy with their beau’s bros, he can’t get it [...]
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