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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Tweet How immigration reform could help improve women’s economic security. VICE ran a fashion spread based on the suicides of female authors. In terrible news, two women sue a Texas jail for running a “rape camp.” Comedian Patton Oswald changes his position on rape jokes. I’m glad, because he’s too smart not to acknowledge the [...]
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Tech and video game industry sexism: bathroom lines and rape jokes

TweetApple and Microsoft are both currently throwing big conferences, one for tech industry developers and one to sell video games. The conferences of these two giant companies are giving us an eye into some common-place sexism. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is currently taking place in San Francisco. Yesterday Dan Ackerman tweeted this photo from the [...]
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Rape jokes & Serena Williams’s big butt: this weekend in racism and sexism!

TweetApparently, Virgin Mobile US, thinks rape jokes really sell. Wait, I’m not being fair to them– they think rape jokes, or violence against women jokes or kidnapping or assault jokes sell. Check out this ad they released: Hahahah. I get it! Is this man covering the woman’s eyes because he’s going to put a necklace [...]
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Speaking of rape jokes…

Tweet*Trigger warning* I appreciate all of the conversation happening around LOLZRapeGate2012. I really do. Never has there been such a potent mix of characters – somehow strange and stereotypical — thrown into the same spotlight. Daniel Tosh, bloggers, rapists, Louis CK, Jon Stewart, Sarah Silverman, humorless feminists, and hilarious feminists alike are all finding themselves [...]
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Daniel Tosh was heckled & that’s the real crime or how not to write a real headline

TweetDaniel Tosh’s comments to the woman he joked about being gang-raped did not constitute an apology but a “fauxpology,“  as Vanessa pointed out yesterday. Tosh uses some classic tricks to apologize, without really apologizing. Trick One: I was misquoted. Tosh seeks to relieve himself of any responsibility, since, hey, he didn’t even say it. Trick [...]
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