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Woody Allen pulls out the tired “woman scorned” defense

TweetA week after Dylan Farrow spoke out, Woody Allen now has taken to the pages of The New York Times to deny the accusation that he sexually abused his daughter. Predictably, Allen went straight to that classic of the genre: the angry, crazy ex-lover defense. “Of course” he didn’t molest Dylan. Of course. “So ludicrous”! Mia Farrow [...]
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This is what rape culture customer service looks like

TweetThe next time someone tells you there’s no such thing as rape culture, ask them if they’ve tried  “Date Grape Koolaid.” Tweet
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Don’t be friends with rapists

TweetI’m glad we’ve all agreed to stop watching Woody Allen movies, to delete R. Kelly’s songs from our music libraries. But I also think we need to stop hanging out with the rapists we actually know. Taking a stand against awful celebrities is important: it sends a clear message to our communities that we won’t [...]
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Join Rep. Jackie Speier and advocates for a Google Hangout on ending campus sexual assault today

TweetWith the news of President Obama’s recently formed task-force on the issue, you may have noticed that there’s some really incredible momentum around campus sexual assault right now. This afternoon, Congresswoman Jackie Speier and leaders from the Know Your IX campaign, the National Women Law Center, and the American Association of University Women will be hosting a [...]
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Dylan Farrow writes brave open letter about abuse by Woody Allen

Tweet*Trigger warning* Last month, after Woody Allen received the lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes, Mia and Roonan Farrow took to Twitter to denounce Hollywood’s continued acceptance of a man accused of sexually abusing his seven-year-old daughter. This weekend, Dylan Farrow herself wrote an open letter, detailing the sickening crimes and condemning the way [...]
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