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Facility sends 89-year-old woman to solitary, calls her “flirt” for reporting being raped by their employee

TweetTrigger warning. This true story describes the living nightmare that can result when rape culture and ageism conspire. Tweet
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“If you were telling the truth about this, God would have kept you conscious to bear witness to the abuse against you.”

TweetKiera Feldman has a disturbing piece in The New Republic on sexual assault at Patrick Henry College, aka “God’s Harvard,” a tiny elite evangelical school “with an outsized influence as a training ground for the religious right and a pipeline to conservative jobs in Washington.” The majority of PHC students have been homeschooled in the teachings of the Christian patriarchy [...]
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Quick Hit: While celebrating Mizzou’s Michael Sam, don’t forget rape culture still exists

TweetWhile we celebrate Mizzou’s Michael Sam and his courage for potentially becoming the first openly gay NFL player, we can’t forget the other reason his school and football team have been in the news recently. Tweet
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WSJ writer James Taranto blames intoxicated rape victims for their own assaults

Tweet*Trigger warning* James Taranto’s made up War on Men persists. In his column for the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Taranto went even further than Emily “drunk women should expect to be assaulted” Yoffe. He argued that women who drink and are forced to have sex against their will are not only at fault for their assault, [...]
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Woody Allen pulls out the tired “woman scorned” defense

TweetA week after Dylan Farrow spoke out, Woody Allen now has taken to the pages of The New York Times to deny the accusation that he sexually abused his daughter. Predictably, Allen went straight to that classic of the genre: the angry, crazy ex-lover defense. “Of course” he didn’t molest Dylan. Of course. “So ludicrous”! Mia Farrow [...]
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