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Mumia Abu Jamal Won’t Be Executed, But Still Not Free

TweetYesterday, Philadephia DA, Seth Williams, announced he would no longer seek the death penalty for Mumia Abu Jamal, who has been on death row for nearly 30 years. Abu Jamal, who was convicted of shooting Officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981, will serve a life sentence, with no possibility of parole, behind bars. This is a [...]
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The inventor, the activist, and the activist-scholar

TweetThree brilliant men who shaped the world died yesterday. Steve Jobs is the name everyone knows. It’s hard to overstate the impact on our lives of this man most of us have never met. I’ve barely spent a waking moment away from an Apple product since I learned of his death yesterday. Listening to my [...]
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The Feministing Five: Rinku Sen

TweetRinku Sen is the President and Executive Director of the Applied Research Center, which publishes one of our favorite online news sources, Colorlines. The ARC is a racial justice think tank that Feministing readers probably know best for their Drop The I-Word campaign, which aims to eliminate the word “illegals” as a way to describe [...]
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Shirley Sherrod’s Case and the Power of the Personal Story

TweetThe case of Shirley Sherrod is starting to wind down, but the dialogue around race in America is as vibrant as ever. There is an important post at What About Our Daughters.com that names as Robert Gibbs put it, “people involved in this situation” that “acted without a complete set of facts.” While the article [...]
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