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Et tu, Gaga?

TweetLady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper were in London over the weekend to promote their admirable work with MAC cosmetics. Each woman has had a lipstick color created for her, and all proceeds from the sales of those two colours will go to the MAC AIDS Fund. The Gaga-Lauper campaign specifically targets women, encouraging testing and [...]
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In Today’s Alternative Advice Column, What Lies Behind “Slut”

TweetA while back, Chloe wrote a terrific piece about the gap between increased awareness about unhealthy beauty standards in the media, and the unhealthy messages they’re actually internalizing. I think a similar gap exists regarding sexuality; many of us are able to articulate pride in our sexuality or pontificate about sex positivity, but we’re still [...]
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Bristol Palin: Don’t get pregnant unless you’re privileged

TweetBristol Palin has shot a new PSA for the abstinence pushing and just generally creepy Candie’s Foundation. And it is so not OK: Transcript after the jump. Even entertainment website E! Online recognizes that this add is messed up, saying the message is: “I’m privileged, so it’s OK that I got pregnant, but you’re not, [...]
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Victim-blaming in Starbucks case

TweetWe’ve linked to this story previously: A teen and her family are suing Starbucks after she was harassed and assaulted on the job by her boss, who demanded sex from her. (She was 16, he was 24.) There’s lots to discuss obviously, but I just wanted to highlight something the teen, Kati Moore, said the [...]
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Teen Vogue features pregnant covergirl, moral panic ensues

TweetSeems that some people are upset that one of the models on Teen Vogue‘s November cover is pregnant. 19 year-old Jourdan Dunn isn’t visibly pregnant, but talks about her pregnancy in the magazine. The cover has raised eyebrows among some parents, teens and advocates against teen pregnancy. “There’s no message to send to them that [...]
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