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More gender equality = more sex

TweetA new study shows that people have more sex in countries with higher gender equality, according to USA Today. In addition: [C]ountries ranked higher in gender equality also generally had more casual sex, more sex partners per capita, younger ages for first sex and greater tolerance/approval of premarital sex. Rankings were by the World Economic [...]
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You go (shy) girl!

Tweet“I think it’s important for shy girls to be able to be seen as leaders too,” said the, no doubt, shy girl sitting among a circle of 20 or so middle schoolers at a girls’ leadership summer camp. We were brainstorming a list of leadership qualities that we–not the media, not parents, not teachers, not [...]
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Apology from Psychology Today is too little, too late

TweetAfter all that hubbub surrounding Psychology Today’s “here’s why black women suck” article, their puny apology has been met with little fanfare or public response. Late last week (I’m sure releasing the apology on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend was no coincidence) Kaja Perina, Editor in Chief of Psychology Today, issued this statement: “Last [...]
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Emotional midwifery

TweetSo, I tend to date or be friends with guys who are a) not as adept at identifying their emotions and b) not as adept at talking about their emotions as I am. I have plenty of examples of this becoming an “issue” in my relationships, but my favorite illustrative example comes from a friend [...]
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What came of the sexual revolution?

TweetI was at a very cool party of sorts the other night with a range of feminists of various generations, and we started dishing about the sexual revolution. I don’t know about you, but to me, the sexual revolution always brings about a sort of foggy cloud of confusion and longing in my head. On [...]
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