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It’s hard out here for whitey: a reality-free idea of racism

TweetImagine a world where the legacy of U.S. racism against black people – the middle passage, slave labor, the rape of black women to reproduce a workforce, Jim Crow laws, the KKK, lynching, workplace discrimination, the massive over-incarceration of black folks – was erased. Where the legacy of racism against other groups – the genocide [...]
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What is wrong with people? Hate speech edition

Tweet*Trigger warning* Some news days seriously make me question my faith in humanity. Last week Chloe posted about just such a day, and again today there are just too many stories about people being hateful and heartless. First, there’s the inhuman responses from some to the devastating tsunami and now nuclear disaster in Japan. A [...]
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America Is So Post-Racial, We Don’t Even Need Black People in Our Senate

Tweet Florida Senate candidate Kendrick Meek, who lost in yesterday’s election. By now, many of you have heard the bad news that yesterday’s elections didn’t go so well for Democrats. Though they were able to hold onto control of the Senate, Republicans took the House and expanded their presence in the Senate. While zillions of [...]
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