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A neophyte philanthropist’s guide to giving

Tweet As I’ve written before, when people think of philanthropists, images of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates often come to mind. In truth, the most quintessential philanthropist looks more like your grocery clerk, 7th grade teacher, or heck, you! Across nearly all income levels women are more likely to give and on average give more [...]
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New study confirms that women give more money than men

TweetWhen you hear the word “philanthropist,” what do you imagine? Probably a person sort of like this: Isn’t that picture of Bill Gates amazingly silly? In fact, you would be more accurate to imagine a person like this: Those are some women protesting with the Domestic Workers United. Here’s the deal: The Women’s Philanthropy Institute [...]
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HIV-reducing vaginal microbicide stalled without funding

TweetIt’s one thing when we don’t know how to solve some of the world’s most difficult problems, like HIV and AIDS infection rates. It’s another when we actually have a realistic solution (or one of many), and we simply can’t figure out how to allocate resources to fund it. Reading that money is the only [...]
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Social justice philanthropy

TweetThe true measure of the wealthy should be their generosity, said Bradford Smith, president of the Foundation Center. “If philanthropy is indeed becoming the new status symbol of the wealthy it will do a lot more to change the world than buying Gucci bags,” he said. This is an excerpt from a recent Reuters article [...]
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Guest post: tribute to a gender studies godmother

TweetThis is a guest post from Gwendolyn Beetham, free-lance researcher and MPhil/PhD candidate at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where her project on gender and international development seeks to bridge her long-time love of activism and academic research. I want to honor feminist economist and founder of the National Council for Research [...]
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