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Quick hit: PETA offers pathetic excuse for their misogyny

TweetHave you seen this interview with PETA’s Associate Director of Campaigns? In it, Lindsay Rajt attempts to do the impossible: explain away PETA’s consistently terrible no-good very bad history of employing sexism and misogyny to draw attention to their cause. If you don’t feel like reading the whole interview, here’s the basic idea: PETA is just [...]
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Have we mentioned lately how much PETA sucks?

TweetLooks like it’s been several months since the last time, so here’s your regular reminder: As Kelsey writes at Bitch, “Can’t you just shout BOOBS!!! next time and stop pretending it has anything to do with the ethical treatment of, well, anyone?” Transcript after the jump. Tweet
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PETA goes all the way (literally) to create a porn site

TweetWe all know us feminists just love to hate PETA. Their shock-and-awe campaigns are among the most racist, offensive and completely unrelated to their actual cause of perhaps any “advocacy” organization that exists. (I say “advocacy” in quotes because I think their self-identification as one that actually promotes animal rights advocacy is a joke.) Anyway, [...]
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PETA’s latest fail: animal cruelty is just like slavery

Tweet Image via BET. I am getting pretty tired of calling PETA out for their offensive ad campaigns. The latest, which premiered on the National Mall last week, is called Glass Walls and features the prominent endorsement of Paul McCartney. Nifty. Less nifty, however, is that it equates animal cruelty with slavery, among other systems [...]
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PETA’s latest sexism: “Be Proud of your Body Scan: Go Vegan”

Tweet Only PETA can try to profit off of the invasive TSA screenings by pushing objectifying and body image bullshit with their latest ad. Thankfully, it was rejected by several major airports this past holiday weekend: The ads from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals features a scan of a curvaceous woman in lacy [...]
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