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Can the Nanny Speak?

TweetAn article in this month’s Essence (available only in print, not online) gives me pause. Veronica Chambers’ “I’m Her Mother, Not Her Nanny” tells a Black Latina’s testimony about the frustration of being misidentified as the nanny of her biracial child. Veronica explains her experiences of racism: I have to deal with strangers who treat [...]
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Personal is Political: cleaning house

Tweet Him: Do you own a broom? Me: I think so. (pause) Um, I used to. Him: This is right up there with your microwave. Okay, so maybe I’m not the most fastidious cleaner in the world. I was raised by one of those moms who believed a little dirt doesn’t hurt. I adopted this [...]
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In [Partial] Defense of the Hipster Generation

Tweet All this talk about youth in the pro-choice movement and the legacy of baby boomer activists, including civil rights leaders, has got me thinking about what my own generation’s legacy will be. And, surprisingly, scarily, tellingly, I’ve come up with this one word, a word that inspires fear, disgust, and admiration simultaneously; a ubiquitous [...]
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Disclosure & Choice: When Do We Deserve to Know Someone’s Sexuality? (Handy Flowchart Included)

TweetLast week, Ricky Martin came out and the blogosphere emitted a collective “duh”. Newsweek issued a slideshow titled “We Already Knew, Ricky” and Gawker gleefully compiled an entire slideshow of people who “need to finally come out of the closet”. Even relatively mainstream media sources like ABC News and Rollingstone.com were sure to mention the [...]
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In Today’s Alternative Advice Column, What Lies Behind “Slut”

TweetA while back, Chloe wrote a terrific piece about the gap between increased awareness about unhealthy beauty standards in the media, and the unhealthy messages they’re actually internalizing. I think a similar gap exists regarding sexuality; many of us are able to articulate pride in our sexuality or pontificate about sex positivity, but we’re still [...]
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