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TweetYes, being a woman makes you poorer. The Navajo Nation Council has voted against the Washington NFL team name. Life as an invisible queer. The 71 other companies (besides Hobby Lobby) who don’t want to cover your birth control. More mothers are staying at home. Same-sex marriage is legal in Iowa, but a lot of people still [...]
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Paul Ryan wants YOU to join the ranks of his anti-abortion army

TweetPaul Ryan is still talking. This time he’s talking about building allies (ahem, co-opting pro-choice supporters): Ryan, R-Wis., said in a speech to the Susan B. Anthony List that those who oppose abortion “need to work with people who consider themselves pro-choice – because our task isn’t to purge our ranks. It’s to grow them.” [...]
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Congressman Paul Ryan’s war on rape suvivors continues

TweetCongressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) got badly beaten in November, largely based on the “war on women” created gender gap, but instead of returning home and performing any self-evalutation as to why women voted for the president over Team Personhood, Rep. Paul Ryan again sponsored a bill spitting in the eye of rape survivors everywhere.  Apparently, getting [...]
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Don’t miss Feministing’s VP debate coverage!

TweetBoy, I sure had fun livetweeting the debate last week. I know lots of people thought it was a boring debate – my mom, who fell asleep five minutes in, certainly did – but I had a great time. Tonight at 9pm ET, Biden and Paul will suit up, get in the ring, and pretend [...]
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Paul Ryan: Preventing some people who love each other to get married is a “universal human value”

TweetPam’s House Blend brought our attention to an overlooked tidbit in All Things Paul Ryan this week; while the media has been all over his “surprising” statement that Republicans need to let go of pursuing a DADT repeal, that didn’t stop him from telling his supporters that marriage equality was totes still on the chopping block. [...]
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