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Chart of the Day: Today’s working moms devote more time to child care than in the ’60s

Tweet In a study of modern parenthood, the Pew Research Center has found that working mothers spend more hours both at paid work and at child care than they did in 1965. They are spending significantly less time doing housework. Working fathers, on the other hand, are devoting fewer hours to paid work but far [...]
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This is what a mother looks like

TweetOur own Jessica Valenti wrote an incredibly brave and powerful piece for the Guardian on the premature birth of her daughter (and my niece) Layla Sorella, and the complex emotional journey that followed. While personal, it’s one that any mother or parent could relate to around the societal pressures to love your child completely and [...]
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Women don’t forget to have children

TweetDespite what New York Magazine might tell you, women don’t forget to have children. Women who don’t have children often choose to remain childless after careful consideration. According to this article in Stylist, a UK magazine, women in the United Kingdom are choosing “between motherhood and solvency.” It’s not just about education eating into prime [...]
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Kid-free flights? How about family-friendly culture?

TweetEver been stuck on a plane near a screaming child? Ever wanted to give that child (or their parents) a piece of your exhausted, legroom-deprived mind? Ever wished airlines could create child-free seating sections, or even entire adults-only flights? You’re not alone. Apparently, demand for such flights has increased lately, and the NYT posits that [...]
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New study: Lesbian households produce a child abuse rate of 0%

Tweet The U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study (NLLFS) just released its results on its 24-year long study on families with lesbian parents, finding that not one of the 78 adolescents in the study had reported being sexually or physically abused by their parents. This compares to 26% of American adolescents overall who report parent [...]
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