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Olympics update: Saudi Arabia will not send women after all

TweetA few weeks ago I excitedly reported that the last three dominoes – that is, countries that exclude women from Olympic competition but not men – had fallen. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei had all decided to let women go to the Olympics. Turns out I got a little too excited. Yesterday, it was reported [...]
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Why doesn’t Sarah Robles, the highest ranked American weightlifter, have all the athletic sponsorships?

Tweet I mentioned this story about American weightlifter Sarah Robles already, but I think it deserves a whole post. The twenty-three-year-old is the highest ranked weightlifter in the country, beat out every female and male American at the world championships last year, and can lift more than 568 pounds–which is apparently equivalent to one large [...]
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The Modern Olympics just got a hell of a lot more modern

TweetThe BBC reports that after much speculation, Saudi Arabia will finally allow women to compete at the Olympics this year: The public participation of women in sport is still fiercely opposed by many Saudi religious conservatives. There is almost no public tradition of women participating in sport in the country. Saudi officials say that with [...]
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Olympic sexism study: Male athletes have skill and female athletes have luck

TweetAccording to a new study on past television coverage of the Olympics, sports commentators talk about athletes in notably different ways depending on their gender. And by “notably different” I mean “pretty sexist.” The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Delaware, analyzed NBC’s primetime coverage of past games. The main findings: When female [...]
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The Olympic Games are obsessed with policing femininity

TweetThe International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has planted itself firmly at the intersection of gender policing and colonialism. The Star recently published a fascinating and infuriating article by Stephanie Findlay about the policing of femininity in preparation for the Games being held this summer in London. Remember all the sturm und drang around Caster Semenya? The IAAF has [...]
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