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Notes from a bitch – Happy International Women’s Day…

TweetToday is International Women’s Day and I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge a woman who had a huge influence on my life. Shall we? This is a thank you to my maternal Grandmother O.T. My maternal Grandmother was born in the early 1900′s. We’re not exactly sure when, since she never acknowledged her [...]
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Notes from a bitch…reflecting on the “punishment from God” claim…

TweetShall we? Last week I was disturbed to see news reports that a Virginia Delegate, Robert G. Marshall, charged that women who have abortions run the risk of birth defects in later pregnancies that are a punishment from God. Mr. Marshall has since tried to clarify his remarks, which were first reported by Capital News [...]
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Notes from a bitch…because justice demands it…

TweetThe health care reform process has been brutal. For months I’ve joined activists and volunteers who have been working to make sure women are not left with less reproductive health care coverage after health care reform that we currently have. For months I’ve watched anti-choice language work its way into the House version of the [...]
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Notes from a bitch… how many angels fit on the tip of a pencil?

TweetConfession – I’ve been trying to write a response to Emily Bazelon’s piece “Ben Nelson’s abortion provision in the health care bill sends the issue back to the states” for the past week. The problem is that I’ve struggled to translate my response into words. I slept on it, ignored it…set the whole damned thing [...]
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Notes from a bitch…out of sight…

TweetI recently watched a television show that presented a year-end review of newspapers and publications that died in 2009. The segment ran through a list of well-known magazines and big daily newspapers that ceased publication and pondered the impact of that on the communities those publications served. As I watched, I noted that the reporter [...]
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