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Notes from a bitch…a pondering on religious institutions…

TweetSorry I’ve been out of touch, but I’ve been traveling…a lot…to places where the hotels have lousy internet access. Ugh. Anyhoo, shall we? There is an ongoing discussion within my circle of friends about whether a person is being biased toward religious people when one criticizes a religious institution for a policy stance or public [...]
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Notes from a bitch…on the movement…

TweetI spent this Independence Day catching up on sleep. I know, I’ve heard…a body can’t really catch up on sleep, but the attempt was refreshing as hell. Anyhoo, in between naps I started to ponder the state of the social justice movement. What? Some people daydream about tropical getaways… …I ponder the paradise of a [...]
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Notes from a bitch…on boycotts…

TweetShall we? My favorite documentary series is Eyes on the Prize and I particularly enjoy the segment titled Awakenings. If you don’t know…and you should know, ’cause the series is fantabulous…Eyes on the Prize covers the history of the Civil Rights Movement in America through first person accounts and interviews with the regular folks who [...]
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Notes from a bitch…taking time for some spring-cleaning…

TweetEver been so busy…so booked and scheduled and over-committed…that you just let the junk that accumulates from living this thing called life pile up and tell yourself you’ll deal with it when you get a minute? Yeah, me too! Well, a couple of weeks ago I was accused by my roommate of cluttering up our [...]
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Notes from a bitch…the truth is true…

Tweet“To be afraid is to behave as if the truth were not true.” Bayard Rustin Shall we? ***steps up on soap box*** The internets and political chats are all buzzing about the vote on federal health care reform legislation and pundits are speculating over what will define victory and for whom or what will define [...]
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