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Notes from a bitch…pondering political expectations…

TweetI want Missouri Governor Nixon to veto the new birth control refusal bill SB 749. Religious liberty is not threatened by the HHS rule on insurance coverage of birth control without co-pay, but the rights of Missouri workers sure as hell are under attack by this bill that would allow any employer to refuse coverage [...]
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Notes from a bitch – making the case for Sue Shear by trying to cut funding for it…

TweetLet’s jump right on in, shall we? I’ve long said that people need to keep a close watch on their state legislature.  I’m a Missourian and my state Assembly meets for five months each year. That means five months of watching the Republicans who control both the House and Senate file bills to restrict access [...]
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A note about honoring Limbaugh…

TweetLet’s jump right on in, shall we? I’m a Missourian so trust that I am all over the decision by the Speaker of the Missouri House to honor Rush Limbaugh with a bust in the Hall of Famous Missourians. Some have questioned the outrage claiming that Limbaugh is famous and a Missourian thus qualifying him [...]
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Notes from a bitch – my last period…

TweetHi y’all! I’d like to apologize for my recent absence. I’ve been sick. Specifically, I’ve experienced some serious complications related to uterine fibroids. Last month my doctor informed me that she recommends a hysterectomy and, after a lot of tests (ouch!) followed by a second opinion, I came to the conclusion that she’s right. On [...]
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Notes from a bitch…pondering the ramifications…

TweetShall we? My beloved maternal Grandmother did not trust doctors, hospitals or The Man.  She had good reason – she came of age in pre World War II Mississippi, where black women entered the hospital for medical care and left having been given a Mississippi Appendectomy…a hysterectomy that was neither medically necessary, legal or ethical.  [...]
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