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Jill Abramson to be first female executive editor at the New York Times.

Tweet Jill Abramson, the Washington bureau chief for the New York Times, will be replacing Bill Keller as the executive editor, making her the first woman ever in this position. The New York Times writes, Ms. Abramson will be the first woman to be editor in the paper’s 160-year history. “It’s meaningful to me,” she said [...]
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More fail in the NY Times profile of Chaz Bono: Sexism, no matter who says it

TweetAs Vanessa wrote yesterday, author Cintra Wilson (who has a history of fail) comes off pretty terribly in her New York Times profile of Chaz Bono. You know who else ends up looking bad? Chaz Bono. Given Wilson’s self centered, transphobic (yes, even though she has trans friends!) article, I’m willing to give Bono the [...]
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New York Times Fail on Chaz Bono: Did Cher make you transgender?

TweetWith the news abuzz around the documentary premiering on Oprah Winfrey’s network tonight about Chaz Bono’s transition, I had expected there to be a decent amount of transphobic reporting around Sonny and Cher’s son — but come on. In Cintra Wilson’s New York Times piece on Chaz, the writer discloses her own “questions” about Bono’s [...]
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Chloe and Lori Ride Bolt Bus, Talk Victim-Blaming

TweetChloe and I rode the Bolt Bus yesterday on our way to Harvard for Feminist Coming Out Day. On the way, we realized we had some things to get off our chest! Transcript after the jump. Tweet
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Women’s Empowerment Issue: An Upgrade from “Saving the World’s Women”

Tweet When I first saw the cover of the New York Times Magazine’s “Women’s Empowerment Issue,” I had a classic case of the side-eye: a presumably American white woman with the “all in a day’s work” smirk donning indigenous clothing with arms sprawling across 5 brown children in a field of green pastures. Emblazoned beneath [...]
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