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Don’t miss Melissa Harris Perry slam the ‘unacceptability’ theory of black hair

Tweet Remember Tianna Parker, the 7 year old girl from Tulsa, Oklahoma who was sent home from school because of  school policy considering “dreadlocks, afros, mohawks, and other faddish styles” to be “unacceptable”? Melissa Harris-Perry brings some much-needed perspective to the issue: “For the record, Tiana, your hair is not distracting, unacceptable, a fad or wrong. [...]
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Story of my life: Teacher tells adorable black child her dreadlocks are “distracting”

TweetThe more things change, the more they stay the racist same.  I was the only black person in my grade until high school so the story of Tianna Parker, a 7 year old girl from Tulsa, Oklahoma broke my heart.  This poor child was sent home from school because teachers consider “dreadlocks, afros, mohawks, and [...]
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NYT Mag features women rocking natural hair and evening gowns

Tweet The notion that natural hair is somehow “wild,” “messy” or “uncivilized” is as longstanding as it is wrong-headed. When I decided to go natural in college, many people of all different races began to perceive me in different and sometimes messed up ways. I got a lot of questionable comments about looking more “radical” [...]
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Women make the cut in Accra, Ghana

TweetIn a recent Loop21 article, Llanor Alleyne discusses the fear imposed on her when she decided to embrace a Caesaresque coif: When I got my first short haircut in my teens—out of the sheer frustration of dealing with relaxers and not out of any need to declare my sexuality—my barber had to be convinced that [...]
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Moms and media spokeswomen rep their natural hair

Tweet Love this video. It has been making it’s rounds on Facebook racking up quite a few likes and YouTube views. I enjoyed the video so much because it is straight forward about the harms of adhering to the straight, long-haired standard of beauty and reminds me of one of the things that was so [...]
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