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Media manages to make Senator Gillibrand’s teachable moment about sexism all about her mistakes

Tweet The media never ceases to amaze me. Its victim-blaming knows no bounds. Whether its Ray Rice’s then-fiancé who got herself attacked by not taking the stairs, or female celebrities responsible for getting hacked because they had naked photographs of themselves, the women who are assaulted and/or violated are always the focus. This victim-shaming is so [...]
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Video: Contextualizing California prison sterilizations

TweetI posted yesterday about the recently exposed forced sterilizations in California prisons. On All In, Chris Hayes explains why we should be outraged but not shocked by such reproductive coercion given the state’s history of eugenics and unconstitutionally cruel prison conditions, in the news again today thanks to a 30,000-strong hunger strike. The clip is [...]
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Melissa Harris-Perry Show kicks off this past weekend, Chloe rocks the mic

TweetI think the last time I was this excited to get up on a weekend was for Saturday morning cartoons back in ’87 (Gummi Bears, anyone?). Seriously though, I don’t doubt that every feminist in America was freaking over this past weekend’s debut of Melissa Harris-Perry’s new show on MSNBC, which was — not surprisingly [...]
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“Do you think I’d be sitting here if they were called Empowerment Walks?”

TweetLove it. Morning Joe on MSNBC had our own Jessica Valenti on the show this AM to talk after her WaPo article this weekend that Maya mentioned in the WFR about SlutWalks and the future of feminism. Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Get the transcript on MSNBC. Also, [...]
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