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Quick hit: What’s with all the naked dudes?

TweetI have a piece at the Australian site Daily Life today, about the increase in the amount of substantial male nudity on offer in romantic comedies lately. Before 2009, shirtlessness was pretty standard for men in romantic comedies (why do you think chronic shirtophobe Matthew McConaughey makes so many rom coms?) But in the last [...]
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Where are the women? Cannes Film Festival edition

TweetAt this year’s Cannes Film Festival, 22 films directed by 22 men will compete for the prestigious top award. But to feminist criticism of that dismal lineup, Cannes says, essentially, “Well, you can’t make us pick a girl just because she’s a girl.” Of course, those numbers are pretty standard for Cannes. Last year there [...]
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Racist Hunger Games fans illustrate all that is wrong in the world

TweetDespite my immense excitement, I still haven’t yet seen The Hunger Games. While I’m sure there will be some things in the movie that aren’t how I imagined from the books, you know what won’t be surprising? The fact that some of the characters are played by people of color. That’s because it’s abundantly clear [...]
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The Hunger Games: A story for women and girls that everyone can love

Tweet The only thing that could have made me more excited about The Hunger Games is if the trailer was put to Rihanna…Oh look! In case you didn’t notice (ha!), last night The Hunger Games premiered at midnight across the country. The highly-hyped movie sold more advance tickets on Fandago than any other non-sequel film [...]
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Guest Post: Why I’m rooting against Bridesmaids at the Oscars

TweetBy Silpa Kovvali History will rightly view Bridesmaids as an important milestone in more ways than one. It was a female-driven comedy. It was a box office hit. And despite the ensemble of women at its center, its raunchy humor was characteristic of producer Judd Apatow. But as director Paul Feig suggested, Apatow-esque vulgarity is [...]
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