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Monday Monty (and Banjo!) Blogging

Tweet Andrew and I are watching Monty’s brother Banjo for a couple of days while my parents are off on a much-needed vacation. The doggies do everything together. This includes Banjo following Monty into his crate whenever we try to send him there to separate and calm the crazy beasts. Just check out the look [...]
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Monday Monty Blogging (stop sending me angry emails edition!)

Tweet So, I have not kept up with my Monday Monday blogging and a lot of you have let me know via email that this is unacceptable. Since I’ve been traveling a lot for Women’s History Month I don’t have any new pics to show off, so I figure an old sleeping-yoga-dog pic will do. [...]
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Monday Monty Blogging (new neighborhood edition)

Tweet Monty waits patiently for Andrew to get our morning coffee. About two months ago, we moved into a house. Like, a grown up one. With frigging multiple bathrooms – unheard of in New York. We seriously lucked out. Monty loves the new neighborhood – Sunnyside, represent! – more than anyone, and especially loves having [...]
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Monday Monty Blogging (a mother’s love edition)

Tweet After today, there can be no doubt as to my love for Monty. Explanation is after the jump, but I warn you – if you are easily grossed out, are eating, or find simply the idea of a story primarily about poop unsavory, stop reading. Seriously. Tweet
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Monday Monty Blogging (friends edition)

Tweet Monty just loves spending time with Tweet. They’re besties – even if Tweet bats him around the head every once in a while. Tweet
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