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Lose-lose situations in which misogyny always wins and sometimes kills

Tweet*Trigger warning* There seems to be no shortage of advice for women about how best to deal with the constant barrage of harassment we’re expected to put up with for the privilege of existing in public spaces. Generally, it tends to fall into two categories: 1) ignore it or 2) very firmly and unambiguously make [...]
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When we call bad guys good

TweetRecently, the National Women’s Political Caucus announced that the organization would present a “Good Guy Award” to the infamous faux feminist Charles Clymer, who used to run the “fastest-growing feminist page on Facebook,” Equality for Women. The NWPC’s press release reads, “We salute men who stand up for women’s rights, especially men like Charles who [...]
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On sexism in the alt-lit community and a message for all us wannabe male feminists

TweetI find myself rereading Kiese Laymon’s essay “Kanye West is Better At His Job Than I Am at Mine (But I’m Way Better at Being a Fake-Ass Feminist)” a lot. Kiese’s a friend now, but I knew this essay before I knew him, and it’s when I read it for the first time that I [...]
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Yes, “Emma You Are Next” was a hoax; No, everything’s not okay

Tweet In the wake of giving a very mild speech about feminism and men’s role in it at the United Nations, Harry Potter actress Emma Watson found herself threatened by the 4chan messageboard with a release of nude photos supposedly hacked from her computer. But the countdown clock website at the center of this mess, [...]
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UChicago misogynists threaten sexual assault survivors and activists over release of ‘rapist list’

TweetLast year, the Department of Education opened an investigation of the University of Chicago after a complaint alleged that gender-based violence and harassment were rampant on campus, and that the University was doing little to stop it. Yesterday a group calling itself the UChicago Electronic Army (UEA) provided a good case in point. The UEA hacked [...]
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