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Weekly Feminist Reader

Tweet Queen Bey has spoken. This holiday season, help Just Detention International remind sexual assault survivors that they’re not alone. There have been 26 school shootings — yes, 26, — since Sandy Hook. A tenured professor in Colorado was forced to retire after giving a lecture on prostitution. Beyond Eve Ensler: What should organizing against [...]
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Michigan’s lame duck Senate passes legislation that would effectively ban abortion

TweetRemember Michigan’s Chubby Hubby of anti-choice legislation that Chloe wrote about in June? Except instead of a whole bunch of delicious things rolled into one yummy ice cream, it’s a whole bunch of shitty anti-choice measures rolled into one awful bill. At the risk of sounding like Stefon, this bill has everything: state-mandated scripts for doctors [...]
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Pic of the Day

Tweet To quote Jessica, “Vagina Union FTW.” Via this genius on Facebook.  Tweet
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Monday Morning Feminist Fix: MHP Show on Michigan anti-choice super-bill (“vagina” included)

TweetRep. Lisa Brown, who was banned from speaking on the Michigan House floor last week for saying the word “vagina,” talked to Melissa Harris-Perry about the Michigan anti-choice super-bill passed last week, including our own Chloe, who rocked it as usual. Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Transcript available [...]
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Michigan House passes anti-choice super-bill after 20 minutes of debate

TweetIt didn’t take much time or thought for the Michigan House to rubber stamp a beyond extreme anti-choice bill with the not-so-subtle goal of ending abortion in the state. Yesterday evening, after only 20 minutes, the House voted 70 to 39 in favor of the bill. Yeah, those numbers scare me too. This is the [...]
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