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Tony Porter breaks out of the “man box”

TweetI truly believe that one of the biggest ongoing and mostly neglected pieces of feminist work is convincing men that their liberation is tied up in ours. Tony Porter, co-founder of A Call to Men, was the first speaker to get a standing ovation for this incredibly vulnerable and moving talk about the toxicity and [...]
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Paving the way for feminist men

TweetPaving a Rocky Road, a conference for interrogating notions of masculinity, exploring men’s involvement in the feminist movement, and talking about programmatic and activist ways to initiate more men into the feminist fold, took place last month. After attending the first meeting of this kind last year, I wrote a column about my impressions, including [...]
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Emotional midwifery

TweetSo, I tend to date or be friends with guys who are a) not as adept at identifying their emotions and b) not as adept at talking about their emotions as I am. I have plenty of examples of this becoming an “issue” in my relationships, but my favorite illustrative example comes from a friend [...]
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Men’s Lib

TweetThere is so much bubbling up in the media about men these days, from the “Death of Macho” back in the day to the Atlantic’s “End of Men” cover story, and now to the Newsweek piece published recently, “Men’s Lib.” The authors are surprisingly smart about the transition facing men: Suggesting that men should stick [...]
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CNN’s Don Lemon does courageous reporting on male sexual abuse

TweetIt is so rare to see sexual assault handled with respect in the mainstream media, and even rarer still to see it handled at all when it comes to male victims. Check out this rare and powerful example of reporting at its best–CNN’s Don Lemon interviews three current member and one former member of Bishop [...]
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