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Men’s sheds: because blokes have feelings, too

TweetI’m home in Sydney for a few weeks, visiting family and enjoying the crisp early spring after a long, sweaty New York summer. Last week I opened our local paper to find an article about a plan to build and open a men’s shed in my suburb. What is a men’s shed? you’re probably asking [...]
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Sexual assault of men in the military

TweetNewsweek has an important story about the sexual assault of men in the service. “What happened to Jeloudov is a part of life in the armed forces that hardly anyone talks about: male-on-male sexual assault. In the staunchly traditional military culture, it’s an ugly secret, kept hidden by layers of personal shame and official denial. [...]
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Not Oprah’s Book Club: Manning Up

TweetAs I mentioned last week, I had the unfortunate synchronicity to be reading Kay Hymowitz’s new book, Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys, at the same time that I was sitting behind a gaggle of child-men, as she calls them, on an airplane. It was hard not to look [...]
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Tony Porter breaks out of the “man box”

TweetI truly believe that one of the biggest ongoing and mostly neglected pieces of feminist work is convincing men that their liberation is tied up in ours. Tony Porter, co-founder of A Call to Men, was the first speaker to get a standing ovation for this incredibly vulnerable and moving talk about the toxicity and [...]
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Paving the way for feminist men

TweetPaving a Rocky Road, a conference for interrogating notions of masculinity, exploring men’s involvement in the feminist movement, and talking about programmatic and activist ways to initiate more men into the feminist fold, took place last month. After attending the first meeting of this kind last year, I wrote a column about my impressions, including [...]
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