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A song of faith and sexual fire: How roleplaying game religions work as moral tools

TweetWhen one grows up in a traditionalist household, which only ever admitted spirituality of the most reactionary and narrow sort, it is easy to see faith as a rusted chain keeping your head forcibly turned to the leaping shadows of Plato’s cave. My resentment at my Roman Catholic upbringing boiled over into unchecked rage against [...]
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Why did TIME think this was a good idea?

TweetI mean, it’s not “Hey you guys have you noticed that Chris Christie is like a big fat elephant?” bad, but I’m pretty sure it marks the official starting point for the next two years of talking about Hillary in the same old bullshit, sexist tone: she’s scary, she’s pushy, she’s stepping on men – guys, she [...]
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I can’t stop thinking about other people who can’t stop looking at Korean women

TweetLast week, Jezebel ran this story: “I Can’t Stop Looking at These South Korean Women Who’ve Had Plastic Surgery.” The subtitle: “UNNERVING PUSH TOWARDS UNIFORMITY.” (Emphasis original.) The piece discusses the penchant, among South Korean women, to elect for cosmetic surgery. One out of five women in Seoul, in fact. The writer looks at these pictures and [...]
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Guest post: Shaming and taming teenage girls

TweetThis is a guest post from Australian feminists Nina Funnell and Dannielle Miller. Nina Funnell is a social commentator and freelance opinion writer. She works as an anti-sexual assault and domestic violence campaigner and is also currently completing her first book on “sexting,” teen girls and moral panics. Dannielle Miller is the founder and CEO [...]
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Quick hit: Lori on the role of race in the Cleveland, TX, gang-rape case

TweetDo not – I repeat, do not – consider your analysis of what’s going on in the media coverage of the horrific gang-rape case in Cleveland, TX, complete, until you’ve read what Lori has to say about it. From The Grio: When a situation arises that seems to fit the stereotype — in this case, [...]
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