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Ladies, you should probably masturbate more

TweetWomen. It’s time for your semi-regularly scheduled reminder that masturbating is fun and healthy and will not, in fact, cause hairy palms or whatever the hell the anti-sex brigade is claiming these days. Because if these numbers┬ádon’t lie, you could probably stand to be getting yourself off waaaaay more often… Tweet
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Weekly Feminist Reader

Tweet Malia and Sasha in the White House: dangerous narrative about the progress of African-American girls. Social media, teens, moral panic, and the sexual predators that “lurk everywhere”. Cooking skills and farm vegetables in inner-city Washington D.C. “Beyonce is asking ‘how come,‘and so am I.” Corporate sponsors flee from Boston’s homophobic St. Patrick’s Day parade. [...]
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Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: It’s National Masturbation Month

Tweet …and it looks like Rihanna is celebrating too! (Because she’s just the greatest.) I’ve previously shared my thoughts about the importance of masturbation–or, as I like call it, “the longest, most consistently satisfying sexual relationship of my life.” So I won’t bore you again with TMI details. Instead, I’ll just direct you to the [...]
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The Wednesday Weigh-in: Dirty Girl Masturbating Edition

Tweet As a long-time masturbation enthusiast and firm believer that respect for autonomous female desire could actually, like, save the world, this article on Dirty Girl Ministries, which aims to cure women of masturbation and porn “addictions,” makes me so sad. As others have said, a group that believes all “sexual thought” (yes, even that [...]
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