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Former NYT editor mansplains to cancer patient to shut up and die the right way

TweetSome journalists speak truth to power. But others, like former New York Times editor Bill Keller and the Guardian’s Emma Keller, write shaming and condescending advice to cancer patients. Tweet
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Today in mansplaining: GOP Rep. tells CNN host ‘Carol, you’re beautiful but you need to be honest’

TweetToday Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN), who was trying in vain to explain his party’s nonsensical shutdown of the U.S. government, mansplained big time to CNN’s Carol Costello, who wasn’t buying any of the bullcrap.  Of course because no Republican likes to be challenged by a mere woman about their current political tantrum, his only response [...]
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How to deal with a mansplainer starring Hillary Clinton in gifs

TweetSometimes you don’t realize how #bawse somebody is, until you make it into a gif. So after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton smacked down the Senate and the House yesterday, it occurred to me that what made it magical is that it is an instructional video on how to deal with a mansplainer. And of [...]
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Feministing Year in Review: Eesha’s Faves

TweetThere was some brilliant feminist analysis on the blog in 2011. I’m delighted to be a (newish) member of this fierce team, and here are a couple of my faves from this year: “I need more evidence,” and other things that probably make you a mansplainer – By Samhita I love tools, resources and how-to [...]
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“I need more evidence,” and other things that probably make you a mansplainer

TweetYesterday, I read a really smart piece in a new music magazine called the Quietus, about a series of comments made by an obscure dubstep producer on twitter that were, on any rudimentary level, anti-feminist in their tenor. As a long time fan of electronic music and a feminist writer, I was most interested in this [...]
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