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The term “classic rapist” shows that people still don’t understand what rape is

TweetWhenever someone makes the argument that one way to stop rape is to teach men not to rape, the response is usually some form of “but most men know that rape is wrong.” I don’t doubt that most men would say rape is wrong. I haven’t been out in the field to conduct a study [...]
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Quote of the Day: Tasteful rape

TweetTrigger Warning: Discussion and description of sexual violence Rape happens. In a game, it can be shown tastefully–with a fully clothed victim, a flaccid aggressor, and the opportunity for the player to intervene. — PlayStation Universe You’ve heard of gray rape. You know your rape rape, your legitimate rape. And now… tasteful rape? A bizarre [...]
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Todd Akin had a point, says man entrusted with drawing up the laws of this country

TweetWere you hoping that the end of 2012 would bring with it the end of Republicans saying ridiculous shit about rape? Oh my god, me too! Unfortunately, today’s not our day. Phil Gingrey, a Republican Congressman from Georgia, thinks that Todd Akin had a point. And he is willing to say so. Out loud, and [...]
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Legitimate rape, the song

TweetCould Akin inspire a teachable and creatively necessary response to rape culture? Bien sur. Thank you Taylor Ferrera! h/t Upworthy Lyrics after the jump. Tweet
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