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The D-word

TweetMy best friend has long been quick to scold me, in the motherly-yet-not-annoying way that only she can, not to use the word “douchebag” as an insult. Granted, it’s not something I say all the time. But admittedly, it’s a word that slips out sometimes to describe people (usually guys, if I’m being honest) who [...]
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Don’t you call me sweetheart

TweetLike Cara, I don’t respond well to “sweetie.” Obama has apologized to the reporter: “Second apology is for using the word ’sweetie.’ That’s a bad habit of mine. I do it sometimes with all kinds of people. I mean no disrespect and so I am duly chastened on that front.â€? Indeed, it appears to be [...]
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Sexist Synonyms: Who the fuck are you calling ‘weaker’?

TweetPlease, pretty please, someone tell me that a misogynist hacker got into thesaurus.com. Because this just seems to crazy to believe. Screen shot is here, in case it is a joke and gets taken down… Thanks to Christine for the heads up… Seems Jezebel caught this yesterday as well. Tweet
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The Ol’ F-Word Debate

TweetDoes is matter if women identify as feminist or is just important that they live feminist values? It’s a question that has haunted the movement for ages. It came up quite a bit for me when I was teaching gender studies at Hunter College. I could see that I was reaching the young women in [...]
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