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What google teaches us about our views on the sexes

TweetChris Harrison, a Ph.D. student in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon, created an infographic of how “he” and “she” are used in Google’s digital books archive, which contains  200 years worth of published material. The graph shows the 120 most common words used after “he” and “she,” ordered in decreasing frequency. When I asked Harrison [...]
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A Pocket Guide to Vaginal Euphemisms

TweetYesterday I noticed this fact sheet about vaginas circulating on Tumblr. It includes a list of common euphemisms, most of them pretty negative. I’ve taken the liberty of categorizing the list so you can draw your own feminist conclusions: Click to view full size. Tweet
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Drop the i-word

Tweet Colorlines has just launched this really important campaign to get folks to stop calling people, and particularly immigrants, “illegal.” I wrote not too long ago about how the AP style book promotes this language. Watch the video (transcript after the jump) and you’ll be convinced. Then go sign the pledge and do what you [...]
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Hey AP Style Book: Immigrants aren’t “illegal”

Tweet Screw you AP Style Book. The AP Style Book is a resource for journalists on language, spelling, pronunciation and proper word usage. I’m not clear how the AP Style Book makes decisions, but it is widely regarded and highly used by journalists. This explains why most of the mainstream media still uses the term [...]
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CA school district bans the dictionary. Seriously.

Tweet Uh oh, I see the word ‘vagina’  *faints* I know we covered this in yesterday’s What We Missed, but I just had to give it a bit more ink.  The Menifee, California school district has pulled all copies of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary because it contains definitions for “oral sex.” And now, the school district [...]
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